Sunday, September 4, 2016

Audacity of dreams and capriciousness of reality

Audacity of dreams and capriciousness of reality

Dreams and reality most of the times seem like yin and yang. For one to exist the other must be let go of. Sometimes they just seem like parallel lines. Forever destined to travel together but never to meet or cross paths. At times, things just don’t seem worth it.
What I am doing here ? Why I am doing this ? Is this what my heart really wants ? At times the chaos and madness of it all just seems to defy belief and sometimes just plainly astound. The utter senselessness of it all sometimes makes one to chuck everything away and be done with it.
The dreams that you had in college, in school, the times when everyone around you seemed not so self obsessed seem like a lifetime away.
At times you feel cold... You just want to get into a small corner for a few days and curl up and be away from it all. Just let your thoughts run completely wild and just be disconnected from it all. Just you and your 5 feet * 5 Feet empire or kingdom that might be your room.
You would sometimes wish that time would come to a standstill and you could bask in the quietness and calmness of it all. The time where there is no past, no future : Just the present and you living in that present. That utter calm, the serene sound of absolute silence where you don’t need to speak. In fact by not speaking at all you get to express the most. Where the unheard and unspoken words speak the loudest

Somewhat like Kung fu panda’s inner peace... 
Reality sometimes may seem a very hard, mean and nasty place. It will beat your knees and make you stay there permanently if you let it. Nobody hits as hard as life. But the important thing is to keep going despite getting hit. Despite the seeming unfairness of it all.
It will never be a bed of roses all your life. But you can always choose to have moments of utter bliss in between the times when you want to throw it all away.
And to truly experience the joy that such moments give, you have to be able to take the very good with the very bad. Then and only then you will truly understand and treasure the value of those moments.
When the breathtaking becomes routine, the routine kills the joy an extraordinary moment brings.

Carpe Diem. The important thing is not to let the audacity of your dreams be overcome by the capriciousness of reality.

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